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Biography: Raymomd P. Barela 

Raymond Padilla Barela MBA, has over 20 years of drawing experience with standard art equipment, artistically moved into digital art and music for the creation of historical and spiritual art.  With the development of new digital tablets and digital art programs I have begun my quest.  My back-ground consist of artist, builder, designer and musician. My goal is to utilize art as a preservation tool of historical buildings through art such as saints, churches, and landscaping. On the spiritual side my works include futuristic spirit drawings.  I will continue to provide original affordable art to the public on request. Pencil drawings can be requested based on black and white subject photos.  Pencil type drawings well more likely be of historical building subjects.

Historical Building art has also been a desire in the preservation of historical buildings such as churches, adobe and landscaping in there “Here and Now” state. On the spiritual side my works include futuristic spirit drawings with MOOG
synthesizer music.  

Landscape Art work:  Inspired by the New Mexico Mountains, valleys and streams. 

Spiritual Art: This art work moves you into the fourth dimension of spirits dealing with the ascension process moving into the fifth dimension. 

Earth Gaia: Spiritual art with the concept of the new “Gaia Earth” event where our existing earth is becoming a higher conscious world of the fifth dimension.  The spirit guide oversees the process.

Golden Goddess: The Golden Goddess provides a positive vibration in assisting others in manifestation of dreams. The goddess spirit comes to those who seek their dreams.  

Blue Night Hills: Blue Night Hills is a concept of the fifth dimension of landscapes.  

Death “La Muerte”: Death has always been a mystery to the living.  This art work brings an awareness of what Catholics thought or felt in the circa 1915.  Reference:  Images of Penance, Images of Mercy, Southwestern Santos in the Late Nineteenth Century, William Wrath (Page 157, Norman 1991).

Santuario de Chimayo: The actual church is found in the small town of Chimayo, New Mexico. The catholic church is well known for the healing of the soul and use of holly water and dirt. 

Fire Spirit: This art work moves you into the fourth dimension of a spirit dealing with his demon’s in moving into the fifth dimension. The spirit is in the form of fire and brim stone as inner demons pursue to keep him in the fourth dimension.


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