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New Mexico Landscape Art

New Mexican Landscape Art from a Native Painter

New Mexico has a unique beauty that is unlike anywhere else. From the rolling deserts to the pueblo homes decorated with Kokopeli icons, there is nothing quite like it. My name is Raymond P. Barela and I’m a classical painter and digital artist with years of experience depicting the rich natural beauty and cultural history of New Mexico. All of my work is inspired by the endless hills, valleys, and streams that make up the natural landscape of New Mexico. I strive to uncover something deeper with every painting I make, and I use the natural landscape of my home to articulate something new about life and the human experience. If you are looking to buy art online from a dedicated local painter who specializes in New Mexico Landscape Art, look no further. I promise that no other local painter employs the same techniques or attention to detail that I do. I love the natural landscape of New Mexico and I try to capture that love in every painting I do. Check out my website to see examples of my work.
All of my one-of-a-kind paintings are available at an affordable price for fans looking to buy art online. Give one of my works as a gift or keep it for yourself to hang on your wall or add to your collection. In addition to New Mexican Landscape Art, I also do spiritual art, religious icon art, spiritual sympathizer music, and more. I am a well-rounded artist who has done everything from classical to digital art. I’m now offering my works for sale to any fans and supporters who want to buy art online from an authentic artist who cares about his community. All my works are available at unbeatable prices, so you don’t have to break the bank to afford quality art. Visit my website to see what I have available and feel free to reach out with questions.

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