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Online Art

Quality Affirmation Art and Other Online Art from a Seasoned Painter

At 4 on 6 Jazz, I am dedicated to making a difference in the lives of my fans and supporters. Art is about more than just fame and money — it’s about sparking an idea or a positive emotion in the mind of a viewer. I create online art that is designed to make you think, feel, reconsider and even cry. I do everything from spiritual art to affirmation art, all with the mission to showcase something special and unique about the universe.

I create affirmation art designed to make viewers few special and protected. The world can often feel lonely and overwhelming. I make affirmation art that is meant to show you that you are not alone and that there is a spirit guiding you and pushing you toward greatness. Once you realize the power you have as a spiritual being guided by your ancestors and other beings in the spirit realm, there is nothing you can’t overcome. But when you feel like an isolated being, trapped in a vicious cycle of birth and death, that’s when the negativity creeps in. The power of art is transcendent and can force you to look at life in a whole different light and context if you're open to transformation. My aspirational art is meant to push viewers toward enlightenment and understand that they are special and powerful and merely need to harness that inner strength if they want to overcome challenges.

Visit my website to see all the different kinds of online art I have available. All of my artwork is one of a kind and affordable. Feel free to browse my website and reach out with any questions or concerns. I’m always happy to hear from customers.

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