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Religious Icon Art

Religious Icon Art and Spiritual Artwork For Sale Online

If you’re in the market for authentic artwork online from an experienced painter, look no further than 4on6Jazz. My name is Ray P Barela and I’m an accomplished painter and musician based in New Mexico. I work in religious icon art, historical art, spiritual art, and more. There is something truly enchanting about the southwest. I try to capture the beauty and unique folklore of the country in all my paintings. My religious icon art is based on real figures from Native American religions and Christian traditions and I depict themes related to creation and death in all my paintings. Visit my website to see the examples of my work I have for sale and feel free to contact me with any questions.
In my artwork, I try to explore both native Santa Fe, New Mexico figures and icons as well as classic Christian saints and figures. In one of my paintings, I depict the spirit of Zazobra — a being meant to embody anxiety and fear. Zazobra is often constructed as a marionette effigy and burned yearly at the Fiestas de Santa Fe, in a ceremony meant to relieve these negative feelings. I’ve also captured figures like San Antonio and Santo Nino, the Spanish names for Saint Anthony and Jesus Christ. I’ve also done a painting of La Muerta — a figure that represents death itself. I have a deep fascination with religions and folklore, and I use my skills as a painter to highlight what is unique and interesting about these important icons from religious history. If you are in search of artwork online that captures classic subjects in a unique and nuanced light, check out my artwork. From religious icon art to music, I do it all. Check out my website to see everything I have available and feel free to contact me with requests or questions.

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