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Spiritual Art

Spiritual Art and Spiritual Sympathizer Art from a New Mexican Artist

At 4 on 6 Jazz, I offer much more than just paintings. My name is Raymond P Barela and I create multimedia spiritual art inspired by my place of residence — New Mexico. I’m a classically trained painter with years of experience as an artist. I’ve recently delved into the medium of digital art, and I’ve created a unique genre of spiritual sympathizer music meant to accompany my work. I have MP3’s available for stream on my website that coincide with some of the works I offer on my website. You can choose to play the track while you view that work, to become enveloped in the spirit world. Or you can enjoy the spiritual sympathizer music as a stand-alone sound. I want my fans to experience my work in whatever way they choose. My spiritual art is meant to examine the native folklore of New Mexico in a new light and I want to make it an experience, not just a painting.

A spirit doesn’t have to be a ghost — it can be a feeling or an extra-dimensional entity that is meant to represent the parts of the known universe we don’t yet understand. For instance, in one of my paintings, I depict Gaia Earth — which is the concept that there is a coming event wherein our current Earth will be elevated to a higher consciousness in the fifth dimension, a process that will be overseen by spirit guides. My spiritual art has a psychedelic and inter-dimensional aspect to it that is meant to force the viewer to reexamine their own understanding of themselves and their place in the universe. Sometimes we all take for granted how fragile existence can be, and we need a reminder that there is so much more beyond what meets the eye. Visit my website to check out my spiritual art and spiritual sympathizer music and feel free to reach out with any questions or requests.

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