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Spirit Drawings

Spirit Drawings and Religious Icon Artwork for Sale Online

Welcome to 4on6jaxx — my name is Ray P. Barela and I’m an experienced painter and classical artist with over 20 years of experience painting. My background is in classical art, but I’ve recently been experimenting with digital art and music. If you’re looking to shop art online to add to your collection or give to a loved one, check out my website. I carry everything from spirit drawings to landscapes. All of my artwork is priced reasonably and makes a great gift or addition to your collection.
I’m based in New Mexico and all of my work is inspired by the local landscape and native culture. In addition to the paintings, I often make MP3 soundtracks to go along with my works, to create a multidimensional experience for my fans and patrons to enjoy. With technology today, there is no limit to what you can create. My spirit drawings are meant to convey a certain mood or idea, using figures from New Mexican folklore to tell the story. I often add the music to take it a step further and develop the entire world around a particular work that is meant to draw the viewer into the dimension that these spirits inhabit. If you are looking for unique multimedia works you can purchase online, visit my website. There you can shop art online or find my contact information and reach out with any questions or requests. I am always happy to hear from my fans and happy to accommodate custom works to the best of my ability. No other artist in Santa Fe or elsewhere has the unique eye for detail that I do, and I will stop at nothing to deliver quality works at an affordable price. Visit my website today to check out the paintings I have available and see what else I have in store.

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